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Slogans Were today always. even in soviet union denying bourgeois economy and advertising, there were the Slogans. remember fly by aerofleet planes? and party mind, honour and conscience of our people? it too Slogans, though the first and not absolutely successful. and here the second quite approaches under one of requirements for Slogan to create emotional atmosphere round the company. such Slogan Is called and it is directed on increases of image of the company, in this case - political party.
Slogan Exists still Slogan The marketing. its main problem to underline competitive advantage of the advertised goods and to create at the consumer the emotional relation to the goods. for theorists from advertising assert that in favour of these or those goods we do the choice spontaneously, it is literally for few seconds. and then the logic thinking, which main task already joins to convince ourselves of correctness of our spontaneous choice.

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Slogan In advertising it is completely not minor. repeating day by day, Slogan Starts to associate at the consumer with the advertised goods and often happens "trigger" for "recognition" of the goods from a number to it similar.
Slogan At all so it is simple, as it seems.
Slogan Did not become useless "appendix" to goods advertising, he should answer a number of requirements. the most important things among them Slogan And itthus Slogan Should "cling" the consumer any "highlight" here again all means of russian if they are used competently and to a place are good.

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