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We are glad to welcome you on open society site "corporate governance institute"!

We work with many large russian companies. we are interested in fast and effective development of the russian market of the capital and convinced that legislative protection of the rights of investors and maintenance of a transparency of the companies are pledge of attraction of new russian and foreign investments into economy. we have prepared recommendations about realisation of main principles of effective corporate governance and we suggest to familiarise with them to owners and heads of companies
Effective corporate governance becomes a determinative of successful work of corporations in the conditions of the market. for road opening it is necessary for the large capital, that the russian companies have seized effective procedures of corporate governance. our institute offers the help and cooperation in this point in question decision. the information which you will find on our site, will help to understand better corporate governance principles and by that will provide appropriate work of your company that the attention will lead to increase in profit of your organisationютуб видео мульты|грузоперевозки спб-москва, ленинградска€ область.
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Contacts :::  Expert group :::  Planned schedule
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