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Historically advertising began with the most usual advertisements, but also to this day the text appeal (in the modern language a slogan) remains in the most obvious and accessible way of dialogue with consumers. the word"slogan"goes back to the celtic language, its most close value "war-call".
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As practice shows, anything is more effective than the capacious and intelligible motto in advertising is not thought up yet.
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In small and average business where there are no budgets on expensive rollers, a successful slogan hardly probable not the main creative tool. and if shooting of rollers, as a rule, all the same trust experts it are engaged in the composition of slogans be chiefs, businessmen, ordinary employees and the employed copywriters.

Copywriters have such test: imagine that you can use nothing in advertising, except a phrase on a white background. and so, if such problem "will hook" on you, means, work goes in a right direction and it is possible to continue to do advertising. those who earns communications on life, perfectly realise necessity of the maximum simplification. the majority of advantageous ideas is difficult for distinguishing, because they initially at all do not foretell the big success. they are simple, natural and, apparently, are obvious other classic, jack traut wrote.

Base requirements to a slogan are obvious at common sense level: the idle time remembered, unique. and they, basically, are observed at least, their every time try to observe. and here other three criteria do not lie on a surface, and they not always are applicable simultaneously: the slogan should be practical, competitive and, whenever possible, compatible to other elements of an advertising campaign.

Important nuance in which with insult many copywriters specify: mostly (especially in small and average business), slogans are composed to advertisingalready there is a poster or a poster it is necessary to think up to it (englishmen speak frenchmen the signature).
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