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Reference catalogue The present period of development of the advertising market of russia can be characterised wear process of slogan

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Approximately so dynamical and fast time when there are new brands and the old die away. therefore all is more difficult and more difficult to draw attention of the consumer already spoilt by attention of manufacturers and advertisers. and in this prompt race wins the strongest.

The modern slogan should correspond to following requirements:

1) to be remembered;
2) .

Thus it is necessary to consider two prominent aspects:

1) the slogan should draw attention (to win attention) of the consumer;
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Therefore with a view of avoidance of similar failures it is necessary to test an advertising campaign slogan before its start in manufacture .

With a view of attention attraction to a slogan it is possible to use various methods:

1) the size (font) of a slogan;
2) ;
3) .

If advertising is a war for mass consciousness win the fight a slogan can, using a rhythm, a rhyme, humour, hints.
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The paradox, a pun, a hyperbole and grotesque have sewed the place in advertising word creation. the widespread and effective reception - use and transformation of steady expressions. this method is simple enough.

How to make a lethal slogan

And now try to combine parts from two columns in a uniform phrase. to use better that combination which creates a bright and remembered image.

Check up on consistency
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The slogan russian means excellent in our country have continued improbable - from the world standards. thus the mine of the slowed down action can be covered not only in the slogan, but also in circumstances of its occurrence on light, - that is in that context in which it was used earlier.

For this purpose what is successful the slogan should to be:

The emotional;
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Any comments and explanations that you meant actually, only will destroy emotional aura of a slogan, and it will lose the emotional charge which should inform a product. if the motto of the advertising company or a product perceives with irony or scepticism be confident are a relation will pass and to a product.

Protect the slogan!

1. simplification.
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A logic reasoning.

Strengthening by public opinion.
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In a word, to suit slogan drawing up everything that can draw attention. the main thing not to pass a measure of good taste and to make the slogan really remembered.

Here the second, not less significant part of successful advertising creation of a remembered image is important. after all if the slogan, "picture" and audio a number does not create a single whole, and the main thing will not coincide with the basic idea of an advertised product, advertising will not work.

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